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The best hiking spots in the Philippines packed with surprises

By | July 2, 2020

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The archipelago of the Philippines, made up of more than 7,500 islands, is easily the dream destination for all the beach lovers. But the fact that it is also a mountainous country to a great extent gives a wide scope for adventure, particularly to the hikers and mountaineers. The high mountains rolling on the far end are a call to the dreamers! If your audacious heart invigorates you for this pursuit and longs for the best hiking experience, book flights to the Philippines with iEagle immediately. We guarantee that these five hiking spots in the Philippines do not fail to astonish you during every second of your trail to the summit. Once at the top, you feel rewarded to see the surrounding beauty! 

Kibungan Cross-Country (KXC) Traverse:

Go for the KXC traverse for a challengingly long trek that takes upto 2-3 days but totally worth the try. The scenic trail through the Cordillera Central mountain range starts in Benguet province, passes through Ilocos Sur, and ends in La Union, thus covering the three provinces. Also referred to as “tri-provincial traverse,” this is the best hiking spot in the Philippines despite not being very famous. The path surrounded by pine forests offers amazing views of rice terraces, quiet villages, the West Philippine Sea, and mountains like Tagpaya, Tenglawan, Oten, Bulalakaw, etc.


Jumping-off point: Kibungan, Benguet 

Mt. Pulag:

The feeling of being on cloud nine is exactly what you are going to experience hiking this highest peak in Luzon, which is also the third-highest peak in the Philippines. Although a tough challenge, the surreal views of the Milky way at dawn and the ‘sea of clouds’ tempt you to take up the risk of trekking this 2,922 m high mountain while enduring the bone-chilling temperature. The trail to this mountain is thick with vegetation, pine and mossy forests, and dwarf bamboo growth on slopes. This mountain, aptly labeled as the ‘Playground of the Gods,’ is also home to several endangered birds and animals.


Jumping-off point: Ambangeg Ranger Station, Bokod, Benguet

Mount Batulao:

Mount Batulao, located in Nasugbu of Batangas province, stands 811 meters tall and is a popular hiking spot in the Philippines known for its beginner-friendly trail and presence of many campsites to relax along the way. You need to hike past several mini-peaks of various shapes and sizes before reaching the summit, where you’ll be treated with the picturesque landscape of Batangas, beauty of boulder formations, rolling slopes, and grasslands!  


Jumping-off point: KC Hillcrest Evercrest Golf Course, Nasugbu 

Mt. Balagbag:

For all those interested in hiking and mountaineering but not sure where to start, we recommend Mt. Balagbag (near Manila), whose rocky trail is fairly easy to climb for neophytes. The only complication while hiking this 780-meter mountain without dense growth is that you would be exposed to the glaring sun. Nevertheless, many pleasant waterfalls and rivers along the path and shining golden grasslands keep you going and make it the best place to hike for beginners. Start in the evening to escape the heat and catch the night views of Metro Manila and Ortigas from top of Mt. Balagbag.


Jumping-off point: Sitio Karahume, Barangay Macabud, Rodriguez

Mt. Daraitan:

What if a trekking trip also gives you a chance to indulge in fun like camping, spelunking, swimming, and river-rafting? That would be the best mountain to hike, right? If yes, your choice should be Mt. Daraitan, which is located at the heart of the Sierra Madre, the longest mountain range in the Philippines. The trek to this borderline mountain between Tanay (Rizal) and General Nakar (Quezon) offers the striking sights of Daraitan River, Sierra Madre Mountains and the best part is when you reach Tinipak River, where you’ll see abundant limestone boulders, springs, natural pools, and ancient stalagmite caves!


Jumping-off point: Barangay Daraitan, Tanay


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