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59 apps banned in india

By | July 1, 2020

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A day when the central government illegal TikTok, a preferred short video-sharing platform, and fifty eight alternative Chinese mobile apps within the country citing security reasons, the applications were aloof from the Google Play Store and therefore the Apple App Store in India.

Amid India-China border tension, the Indian government has targeted low-denomination things which will be wont to send a message to the Chinese – a ban on fifty nine Chinese applications.

With several of those apps defendant of aggregation sensitive user knowledge and even spying, the Ministry of natural philosophy and data Technology on twenty nine Gregorian calendar month, Monday illegal apps like TikTok, ShareIt, and UC Browser, that have an enormous subscriber base in India.

The ban has ruffled some feathers with users inquisitive what happens to the apps that have already been put in. ought to they delete these apps since they need been banned? can they still be ready to use these apps? What happens to the content that they need already produced?

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